More and more families are turning to GHHF as their outlet for specialized hand and orthopaedic needs. Because of GHHF’s unique relationship with the various Guatemala hand therapy and surgery associations, we are a trusted teaching source and a vital American group providing cutting- edge hand education to both the surgical and therapy communities.

Since the establishment of the Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation in 2004


Surgery and Therapy

  • Evaluated 1,566 patients for hand surgery and therapy (during screening day)
  • Completed surgery on 618 patients
  • Fabricated 1,274 orthotics
  • Brought one child to New Mexico to receive extensive hand surgery Brought one child to Shriners for microsurgery
  • In addition, over 3,200 doctors, therapists, and students have attended our educational conferences and workshops in Guatemala City.

Community Development in Chichoy Alto Since March 2010


  • Sponsored and helped construct 55+ latrines
  • Sponsored and help constructed 21 efficient ONIL stoves
  • Assisted in the digging of hillside trenches to lay piping to supply fresh water throughout the village
  • Completed the construction of a new elementary and middle school allowing kids in Chichoy Alto to attend class beyond the 6th grade for the very first time


  • Purchased school supplies and uniforms for the school aged students (continuous)
  • Prior to the completion of the school, sponsored 3 years of post 6th grade education in a neighboring town
  • One volunteer sponsored a young woman to complete a RN training program and she is currently the village nurse.
  • Select GHHF Volunteers are sponsoring the continued education of nine students (teachers, secretary, mechanic, accountant, etc. )

Agriculture / Economic Growth

  • Distributed crucial fertilizer needed to replenish barely existent crops
  • Distributed emergency maize to families struggling with malnutrition
  • Agricultural opportunities with donations and microloans
    • Avocado trees
    • Quinoa

Additional projects in Chichoy Alto

  • Establishment of a village medical clinic
  • Textile opportunities for the women of the village (begun)
  • Shampoo and the possibility of other related products for the village to produce and sell

Community Development in Chuchuk’a Alto

  • Distributed 32 Ecofilters