Current Sponsors

American Association for Hand Surgery
Guatemalan Hand Surgery Society
Guatemalan Hand Therapy Society
The Hand Surgery Endowment
The Integra Foundation
Touching Hands Project



Your company can choose to participate by



Exhibit your company and products at our educational conference and workshops with over 400 people in attendance.

Underwriting event needs.

This includes covering the costs of a portion of the mission.

Making an in-kind donation.

Any product or supply that can be used for surgery, therapy, and/or our conference and workshops.

Sponsoring a child.

Paying for an individual child’s diagnostic tests, surgery, rehabilitation, medicine, and even a toy!


Participate as a sponsor or make a donation to one of our many fundraising events


Any way that your company can offer its support will help to cover the expenses of this event, ensuring we will meet our goals of helping the people of Guatemala one “hand” at a time.