GHHF’s newest initiative was developed in response to Guatemala’s frightening malnutrition problem, lack of prenatal care, inadequate education, and alarmingly poor living conditions. All are major concerns for the fast growing population of Guatemala and are often the causes of the many birth defects seen in our rural patients. In an effort to provide preventative care to the people of Guatemala, GHHF has partnered with the village of Chichoy Alto, in the region of Patzun, Chimaltenango, to improve sanitation, health, education, and the overall quality of life for the 900+ community members.

GHHF’s goal is to support sustainable development initiatives that strive to improve health through the principles of participatory community development. This means community members of Chichoy Alto are required to collaborate and provide a portion of the labor necessary to implement these improvements.

Although GHHF remains dedicated to our mission of providing hand surgery, therapy, and education in Guatemala, we cannot ignore the heartbreaking reality of the people in this nation and disregard the reasons why we meet so many children with serious hand conditions and injuries. GHHF is committed to addressing the sources behind the problems we see. By caring for one town at a time, we will be able to build and monitor progress.